Hey there!

Are you ready to see something disgusting today?


Ok, good.  Let me show you a sampling of my disgusting dish towels...

Stained, faded, ripped and gross.

Ugh!  Aren't they hideous?!   They are embarassingly hideous.

I don't use my dish towels in a "decorative" way and I don't even use them much for cleaning things, they are just for drying your hands at the kitchen sink. When they are folded up next to the sink they don't look quite as disgusting (maybe?)  I also have 2 decent looking ones for when we have guests over so they don't think we're gross which obviously we are by the looks of our kitchen towels.

They have been stained from random projects by Mr. Chic even though he has his own huge stash of "work" towels.  Then I bleach them to get rid of all his project germs which has totally faded them and turned the khaki color a little bit peach.  Most of them came as gifts from our wedding registry and after 11 years they have seen better days (and that might be the understatement of the year).

For quite a while I've held off on buying new dish towels (obviously!) because I couldn't find any cute ones, just plain ones that were too expensive.  Who wants to pay a lot of money for average?  Not me.  I was waiting for something good (for about 8 years).

Anyway, I happened to be at TJ Maxx the other day (surprise!) and came across the cutest Frenchy dish towels I have ever seen!  They were super inexpensive too... double score!!

Each set came with 2 cute towels.  These are so cute that some of you crafty sewing girls could make them into something fun (in case you forgot, I don't sew but maybe I could hot glue them into something fun?? ;)  They also had some of the same towels with Frenchy dark red designs instead of black.

document Paris kitchen towels

They each came in a 2 pack for only $3.99!  I had looked at Target and they were charging $3.99 for one towel similar to the striped ones from TJ's!  I got 2 lovely towels for that price.

They are so cute I don't really want to use them and ruin them.  I'm thinking the towels with the cute prints will be my decorative-for-looks-only-hang-on the-oven-towel and I'll use the striped ones at the sink.  I'm just going to have to keep them all away from Mr. Chic!

So, am I the only with with disgusting dish towels or do any of you have the same dirty little secret?


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