Hi friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We had a great holiday and now we're preparing for another holiday... a bloggy vacation.

I was overwhelmed by the great response to my call for guest posters.  I am so excited to share some great posts with you over the next week and a half.  I received enough guest posts that I'm able to run one a day for my scheduled vacay... how exciting!!  And yes, Flaunt it Friday will be at it's regular time so plan on linking up.

My lovely readers are SO talented and I'm going to be sharing a wide variety of great stuff!  Here's a few teasers...

via my guest poster Inside-Out Design
There are so many things in that picture that I love that I don't know where to start!  Come back to find out   how to make that fabulous mosaic bowl!

via my guest poster Doodle Bug

I'll just say that it's surprisingly easier than it looks to make an old chair with a hole where the seat used to be look like this.  Seriously.

via my guest poster Days of Chalk and Chocolate
Can you guess what these darling little girl skirts are made out of??  Come back to find out!  Super cute, cheap and easy!!  

This is just a small sampling of the goodies my guests will be sharing!  Please come by everyday for a new guest.  Remember, if you have any specific questions about a guest post please go to their site to ask a question so it will go directly to their email instead of mine!  

Thanks friends!  Enjoy! 


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