Hello Chic-sters!  It's already time for my party again!  Wow, the week flew by and I had high hopes for so many things I was going to share with you.  Mr. Chic was gone on business and before he left I had this fantasy that I'd have so much free time on my hands when the boys went to bed that I could blog and blog and blog and stock pile all of these great posts, I'd be ahead of the game (for once).  But instead, I was so exhausted by bedtime that I only got one post done in a week and I posted it already.  So much for getting ahead of the game.

I did manage to choose a color (finally!) and paint our master bathroom.  It's not finished because Mr. Chic is going to have to help me with the vaulted ceiling area but I made some progress at least.   I'll be sharing that makeover sooner than later hopefully (the way things are going it could be 2013) ;)

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