I've always wanted to grow herbs in my kitchen in cute little pots.  They would add a nice touch of green and whimsy AND I could conveniently clip some off whenever I needed some fresh herbs while cooking.
I found some really cute and cheap numbered pots at TJ Maxx (where else!? when will they pay me for all the free advertising?! ;)  They were going to be perfect for my kitchen herbs!

numbered pots

I picked up some herbs at the grocery store and was especially excited to be getting a basil plant.  I love pesto sauce but rarely find good pesto anywhere.  The stuff you buy in the jars is yuck-O.  The trick that makes it so delicious is using fresh basil.  With my new little kitchen herb garden I'd be able to make fresh pesto sauce any time!  Yippee!

The other plants I picked because they were cute (sweet marjorum) and smelled good (lavender).

sweet marjorum is cute!

I lined up my darling little numbered pots on a thin white serving dish that I already had and rarely used.   Perfect!  I had to sneak it out of the garage sale pile, shhh, don't tell Mr. Chic aka: Mr. My-wife-has-too-much-decorative-stuff-and-it's-taking-over-my-house-so-I'm-trying-to-make-her-sell-everything-in-the-garage-sale.;)  I put them in my kitchen near two windows and the sink... filtered sun and easy watering...  it was going to be great!

numbered planter
fresh basil.

It was great!..

for about 2 weeks.

Then they started looking a little stressed.  I made sure they had enough water.  Was I over watering?

Then the basil they started looking a lot stressed.

Maybe they weren't getting enough sun.  I moved them outside hoping the sun would cure what ailed them.  I guess I waited too long.

Now they look like this...

The basil and marjoram or goners.  I'm not sure if the lavender will bounce back or not, it's been oustide for 24 hours and doesn't look much better, actually a bit worse.

I'm not very good at house plants. If I were a pirate my name would be "Captain Black Thumb".  Oooh, sounds mean, huh.

Anyway, I do ok at  outdoor plants (mainly because Mr. Chic waters them everyday... thanks, honey!).  I realize that these plants are all "full sun" herbs and apparently my kitchen is not quite "full sun".  Big surprise there considering my kitchen is inside, duh.

So, do any of you have any suggestions of easy little herbs or house plants I could put in these pots?  I love the look of them but don't want Captain Black Thumb to strike again.  Maybe I should get some fakes??  I'd be much obliged for all ye suggestions, Arrrrr ye a black thumb too?  (that was in my best pirate voice)

PS:  Sorry, been watching too match Jake and the Neverland Pirates around here.

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