Hi dear friends!  I am low on posts this week because in the past 24 hours I have worked full time (being a stay-home-mom I'm on call 24/7!) plus two decorating installation jobs and hosted my ladies bible study group at our home (meaning I had to clean like a mad-man and cook in between my full time job of being a mom and my part time job of interior decorator).  

I am NOT complaining, I love both of my jobs.  I'm just plain tired out after all that work in such a short amount of time.  I'm also bummed that I wasn't able to hang out more with you guys this week.  Some weeks are just like that...  everything happens all at once.  

Anywho.  After all the cleaning I did this week I thought I'd share a few funny anecdotes about housework by Andy Rooney. 


Andy Rooney: The Following Things Are True About Housework

Vacuuming a large rug is the easiest housekeeping job. Anyone doing it gets more credit than he or 
she deserves. This is partly because the vacuum cleaner makes so much noise it gives the illusion 
that someone’s working hard.
Putting away the vacuum cleaner is harder than vacuuming.
The single easiest thing to do in exchange for the most credit, is mopping the kitchen floor. It sounds 
like a big deal but it isn’t.
Forgetting to put the trash out by the curb on the day it’s picked up is the single worst mistake a 
homeowner can make.
No matter how many times it happens over the years, it’s always a big surprise when a fuse blows, or 
a circuit breaker breaks.
There are parts of a stove where grease collects that I don’t want to know about.
No soap, detergent, scouring pad, brush or grease-remover that claims to make cleaning easy makes 
cleaning easy. It’s hard no matter what you use.
An easy way to get out of housework is to go get something at the store.
Whenever I iron something, I think of my mother. Every time she ironed, she said, “I enjoy doing a little
of it.” I realize now that what she was really saying was, “I hate to do a lot of it.”

I thought this little list was funny and somewhat true.  Putting the vacuum cleaner away 
is worse than vacuuming, all that cord winding, it never fits back on right.  Then stuffing 
it back in the closet, makes me sweat just thinking about it.  

Mopping the kitchen floor is a big deal to me, more like a total pain in the fanny.  All that 
sticky old food that's too stuck for the mop to take off.  Bet Andy Rooney didn't live with 
a 3 year old when he wrote this one.

Forgetting to take out the trash IS the worst mistake a homeowner can make.  Been there
done that and it included 2 week old stinky diapers by the time it was over... makes me 
gag just thinking about it.

I don't consider flipping the switch after a circuit breaker breaks to be house cleaning.  It's
too easy.

And going to the store never gets me out of any housework, it's always waiting for me 
when I get back home. :)   

What do you think about good old Andy Rooney's take on housework?


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