Hey Chicsters!!

Today something crazy happened!!

No, I am not talking about politics...

My laptop magically turned on!!!

Some of you might be thinking, wow, my laptop turns on everyday, whoop-dee-do, congratulations.

But, my laptop has been dead for a month!  It came back from the water-logged grave, amazing!

For those of you that missed it, my new laptop had a glass of water spilled on it by one of my boys last month while I was in the shower.  While showering, he yelled through the door several times about miscellanious trouble that his brother was causing (changing the channel, stealing his toys, calling him a poopy-head, you know- important stuff) but not once did he mention that a glass of water had spilled on the laptop.  So when I came downstairs, there it sat, glass tipped over, water splashed on it and pooled underneath it.

I then did the absolutely wrong thing you're supposed to do when a beverage is spilled on your computer.  I tried to turn it on which could fry it if it's not already fried.

Nothing happened... just dead.

I then grabbed my phone and googled what to do.

Number 1, don't try to turn it on.


Anyway, after sticking the battery in rice and blowing a fan on the thing for 3 days I gave up, it's dead.

Every once in a while I've tried to turn it on.


Then today, I was calling a computer fix it company and giving him the specs and I pushed the button and it powered on... just like nothing ever happened!

A Christmas miracle in June!  Woo HOOO!!  I am SOOO happy and glad I didn't throw it out or send it to the people that charge one million dollars an hour to fix a cheap laptop.

I'm so happy, I feel like partying!!

It's time for Flaunt it Friday!!


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