Hi guys!  How are ya??  Here in the Midwest we are melting with temperatures rising to the high 90's and even hitting over 100 a few days ago!

While I'd love to lay on the couch in the nice cool air condition and catch up on my magazine reading, (I can dream) I have 2 boys to entertain.  Playing outside is not an option in this heat!

I decided to do a little art project with them with stuff I had laying around the house.  This project is  way easy and fun! 

Watercolor paints and brush
Paper, heavier weight paper works better but any will work fine
Sticker Letters
Newspaper (optional)

To make your Watercolor Word Art you simply will stick your sticker letters on to white paper and have your kiddos paint over them with watercolor paints.  Once the paint is dry, peel off the stickers and you have some original art done by your little sweeties.

Watercolor word art for kids

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