Hi party animals!

I don't know what it's like where you live but around here we are sweltering.  I'm talking about face melting off, hair frizzing, pitting out your shirt without moving kind of heat.  It's disgusting.

I'm staying inside and making very brief appearances outside.  So far, my face has melted off (too bad it wasn't my hips!), my hair has frizzed but I have yet to pit out my shirt.  I know... I'm so lady-like!  (batting my eyelashes and smiling).

Anyway, this party was going to be outside but due to the extreme million degree heat and the heat advisory issued by the weather channel (gee, thanks weather channel, I couldn't tell it was a million degrees out and maybe I should stay inside) we are moving this party inside.  There is no risk of heat stroke or embarrassingly pitting out your shirt in front of all your friends in here.

An unidentified celebrity pits out her shirt!  So not hot!  Ok, maybe she is really hot but not that kind of hot!


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