Hello my lovely Chicsters!  How's it going?

Isn't it fun when you find an amazing sale and buy yourself an unexpected and big present?

No, I did not buy myself a new car with a big red bow on top although that would have been super-duper fun.

No, I did not buy myself a new sweater, although fun I don't consider it to be a "big" present... unless it was like a fancy-schmancy $500 cashmere sweater- but get real, you all know me well enough that I would never pay $500 for a sweater.
Anywho, my "big" self present was a new rug for our family room!  This is a "big" and exciting present to me... some of you might think I'm crazy for considering a rug to be a big, exciting present but hey, if you like decorating then you get it.

I hadn't planned on buying a new rug anytime soon because I needed a really big one (8x10) and those can get pretty pricey. I was trying to live with the one I had because although it was gross, it was only 3 years old and because I'm a good thrifty girl, I can't just throw out a 3 year old rug, 3 years old... it's practically new!  But how does somebody re-use a gross rug... make it into a faux fur coat?  I'm thinking not... better just keep it as a rug until I come up with a better plan.

Anyway, like I said earlier my other rug was getting pretty gross.  My gross rug was  frieze which is just a fancy word for shag.  It was cream colored which looked nice in the room initially- but man, did it show the dirt.

It really didn't look cream anymore except for under the coffee table where no one could see it.  I was trying to pass if off as light beige but I'm not sure I fooled anyone.  Especially because it was also really matted down and nasty looking even after being vacuumed.

The picture below shows the rug under the coffee table on the left, the high traffic area on the right.

dirty shag rug


I told you it was gross but even I didn't realize it was that bad until I moved the table!  In my defense and so that you won't think I'm a filthy and disgusting person I think the lighting is making it look extra dirty/bad.  But still... Ewww!

That is super embarrassing but I'm keeping it real folks, if you look really close you can even see some crumbs.  Nice.

antique trunk coffee table
The above picture is not a very good picture but it's the only one I could find that really showed the rug.  (I was usually trying to hide it in my pictures.)  It doesn't look quite as terrible as that close up but it isn't exactly looking good either.

I told you I was trying to pass it off as light beige and I meant it.  Luckily all of my guests were too nice to say anything about my horribly gross rug, either that or they were extremely near sighted.

I'd been eyeing a new rug like the one pictured below from Ballard for quite a while but just wasn't ready to drop the fat cash on it to make it mine.

Ballard Designs jute rug
Photo via Ballard Designs

Then another blogger mentioned they found a 75% off rug sale online at Rugs USA (fyi, they did not pay me to write this post).  Of course I couldn't resist looking.  I found almost the exact same rug, but I think mine is actually thicker and nicer for 75% off!  I used a very small portion of my garage sale earnings and ordered it, I paid just over $100 for a huge 8x10 jute rug plus free shipping!

Since it was so cheap I was scared that the quality would be lacking or it would be really scratchy.  Scratchy rugs are bad news for little boys who like to drive cars/trains/trucks all over the floor.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was very soft and thick, especially for a natural fiber rug like this.  Even Mr. Chic said he really likes it instead of his usual "What? That's a new rug?"

It fills the space so much better than the old rug and the natural jute color really warms up the room.  I'm in love!

Have you bought yourself any "big presents" lately??

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