Hello friendly friends.

How ya doin'?

I have been trying to show you my living room for about 2 years.

2 Years!?  Say what?!?

Yeah, 2 years.

This is a room that's been pretty much finished (except for some tweaking) for quite awhile.  I just have had a lot of trouble getting a good picture of it.  It is somewhat of a narrow room and it's hard to get a really good shot of it.  I need a wide angle lens but until I get one, you're going to have to look at these shots and realize that that the whole room doesn't quite fit.

What are you waiting for... come on in!

This first shot is a small part of the view you see from the front door.  Most of the room is missing in this shot but just pretend like it isn't.

monochromatic living room

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