Hello friends!  In an amazing moment of insanity confidence I decided to join one of the coolest bloggers out there, the Nester, in her 31 day blogging series challenge.  If you're not familiar with the 31 Days Series and why it is such a big deal let me explain... it's 31 days of blogging about the same topic in a row!  In a row, people.  That is like a whole month... that IS a whole month!

My topic is 31 Days of Decorating on a Shoestring Budget.  I plan on sharing lots of budget friendly decorating tips and tricks.  Real stuff and real posts for 31 days in a row (crossing my fingers here).    By "real posts" I mean, I'm going to write the blog and take my own pictures, I'm not going to "cheat" and steal a bunch of pretty pictures off Pinterest and make comments about them.  But I might have to do that once, like if one of my kids gets sick or something, but I'm not planning on it.

So let's get right down to it...

Day 1: Don't be scared to take a risk 

When you're decorating on a shoestring budget you probably don't have the cash flow to do things exactly how you want to.  In the dreamland of "perfect decorating world" you could go to Pottery Barn and pick out everything you wanted and have it delivered.  You could even use their "free" decorating service to help you make it just right.  In "perfect decorating world" you could pay a contractor to come in and tear out your kitchen and install all new cabinetry, counters, backsplash... the works.

In "shoestring-budget decorating" land you gotta work with what you got.  When we moved into our house a little over 3 years ago it needed some things before we could move in (carpet, air duct cleaning, appliances) and I wanted some things, like new kitchen cabinets and granite countertops.  The cabinets were disgusting peachy-pink white washed.  Yeah, gross.  (You can see the "before" pictures HERE.)  New cabinets were not going to happen because they are crazy expensive and there wasn't anything wrong with the current cabinets besides their disgusting color.

Something had to be done.  I knew the look I wanted, an antiqued off-white.  Very expensive when you buy them.  I decided to take a risk and glaze and antique my kitchen cabinets myself.  I had never glazed or antiqued anything before.  I researched like crazy and talked to a pro about the process.  Most pros are very willing to answer questions if you don't take up too much of their time and explain from the get-go you're going to do it yourself.

Kitchen cabinets are risky because if you mess them up it can decrease the value of your home.  Of course you can always paint over the mess up but still, it is definitely a risk.

In the case of my kitchen cabinets, I have actually increased the value of my home slightly because I took a risk and now have lovely custom-glazed kitchen cabinets.  I also saved thousands of dollars that having a pro do this would have cost.

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