Hey there friends!  I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  Around here we took it easy and relaxed.  I finished up painting our master bathroom (finally! more on that in the upcoming weeks) and I managed to talk Mr. Chic into helping me drag my fall decor bins out of the basement too.  I have been very excited to get out my fall decor but once I got it all out of the bins I kinda lost my decorating mojo.

Switching out seasonal decor is fun but also means I've gotta put away last seasons stuff and do annoying housekeeping things like dusting everything and peeling transformer stickers off my console table.

I removed stickers and dusted to get everything ready for my fall goodies.  I got one vignette finished and a couple of wreaths up but still much more to do.

My kitchen island was taken over by pumpkins and other fall paraphernalia for most of the day.  Even though I was cleaning it was such a mess!

I'm switching things around a bit this year so I'm trying different things here and there to find just the right look.  This is fun but slows down the process if you are ridiculously picky about insignificant things like pumpkin decorations like me.

I finished today with a look I like to call the "pumpkin explosion" where I dumped everything on the dining room table because I was too tired to finish up.  I'll be back at it tomorrow and will hopefully get my mojo back. :)

Do you have your Fall decorating mojo yet?


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