Hey guys!  Welcome back to my never-ending series of decorating on a shoestring budget. ;)

Day 22:  Rugs

Rugs are a decorating budget buzz-kill.  They can be crazy expensive and eat up a huge portion of your budget if you're not careful.  So what's a girl to do?

I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for getting a good rug without busting your budget.

First, consider getting an indoor/outdoor rug.  These are usually far less expensive than an indoor only rug.  They are also very kid-friendly because they hide stains and can be cleaned off easily with a little water and elbow grease.  I have an indoor/outdoor rug under my kitchen table and I love it!

damask rug, Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

It has probably had about 5  bottles worth of ketchup spilled and splattered all over it over the past couple of years and you really can't tell.

Damask rug, Chic on  a Shoestring Decorating blog

This rug was purchased at CSN.com a few years back but they are no longer in business.  Places like Target and Lowes get a good selection of nice patterns and sizes of inexpensive indoor/outdoor rugs in the spring but you can get them on their websites all year long.

Another option to save money on an indoor rug is to have a carpet remnant bound to the size you need.  This is an especially good option if you need a really large rug.  Binding prices vary  regionally so call around your city to see who has the best price nearby.

If you have a carpet remnant already there are lots of videos and tutorials on binding it yourself.  I have never done it but this is your cheapest option and might be worth a shot if your budget is really tight and you have a remnant to work with.

Have you bound your own rug?  What was your experience??

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