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Today I'm going to urge those of you who are scared of Craigslist to give it a try.  Craigslist always kind of weirded me out because I'm one of those paranoid people that thinks all strangers have some kind of bad ulterior motive.  Or, that I'd buy something and it would smell like cigarettes and/or cat pee.  

There are some weirdos on craigslist but if you're just looking for furniture type things and not a date then you cut out probably 98% of the weirdos and then there's only a 2% chance that the furniture seller will be weird.  But just funny-weird, not psycho-weird.  Big difference.

If you're buying something from a stranger on Craigslist take someone with you to pick it up.  The good old buddy system... safety in numbers, right?  If in your conversations with the seller/buyer before meeting give you the heeby-jeebys then by all means, listen to your gut and back out of the sale.  Don't let people drop things off at your house, go pick it up or meet them in a busy parking lot somewhere to do the transaction.  

So, now that you're over your fears of Craigslist weirdos, start shopping.  It is a great place to find inexpensive furniture.  Your best bet is to check it everyday.  If you find a good deal, don't hesitate to contact the person right away.  The good stuff that is priced well sells pretty quick around here.  

In my area prices are all over the board.  Some people ask way too much and some sell junky stuff for $1 (why bother?)  Hopefully, you'll be able to know a good price when you see one in your area.

When buying on Craigslist you can ask a seller for additional pictures or if you can see the item in person before committing to buy if you're unsure.  Don't commit unless you're sure as it may cost the seller other sales.

Today I had my second Craigslist transaction.  I bought a desk that will go in one of our boys room (after a little TLC of course).  I took Mr. Chic with me to pick it up.  First, so he could protect me from any crazy people and mostly to use his big muscles to move the desk.

My seller did not take very detailed pictures of the desk but the price and size were right so after finding out the measurements I told her I would buy it.  In this situation I just said I'd take it because it was so cheap and looked good from the pics.

Both the chair and desk are in really great shape and do not smell like cigarette smoke or cat pee.  I got them both for $30 bucks.  Quite a deal for around here.  I plan on doing a little something to the desk so it will go with my boy's room but haven't decided quite yet.  I'm in love with the cool vintage chair and may keep it for myself!  The seller was very nice and not crazy.  She even gave me a bunch of design magazines. :)

So, if you're a Craigslist rookie needing some new budget friendly furniture consider Craigslist, there are deals to be found!

Have you ever bought anything on Craigslist?


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