Welcome back to 31 Days of Decorating on a Shoestring Budget!  I'm so happy to have you join me on this series that will help me set a blogging world record of consecutive days blogged (not really).  But I'm setting my own record...  4 days in a row might even be my new record.   Wow, I've really outdone myself. ;)

 Day 4:  Use Coupons (and e-coupons!)

I don't know about you but I would never make it on that show "Extreme Couponers".  I'm lucky to remember to take my coupons to the store, that is if I even get them cut out of the inserts.  I do try but often find that the coupons aren't for things I use or need.  Or, I buy things that I don't need because I have a coupon that's going to expire.  Not a good money saving tactic.

I know you coupon ladies out there are thinking that I'm doing it all wrong and that I can make coupons work for me if I would just do it right.  I know, I know... I try and do manage to use a few.  I've just found that you can't be a lazy couponer, you have to stay on top of them or it will take you 2 hours to cut out all those suckers from the last months worth of newspaper inserts.  I tried at the beginning of the year to get on top of it (see my efforts here)  I fell off the bandwagon, it's just not me... I'm a lazy couponer.  I clip my few and I'm done.

BUT,  there are some coupons that I never forget about.  The decorative/crafty/sewing store coupons.   (much more fun than cutting out toilet cleaner coupons for .30 cents off if you buy 3... what a deal).

Hopefully, most of you have some of these stores nearby so you can take advantage of their sales and coupons.

Joann Fabric runs coupons online that you can print and take to the store.  Most you can use on online orders too.  They are good about running their fabric 50% often.  They also sometimes offer coupons in their flyers in the store.   Almost every time I buy something there they give me a coupon for next time too.  The will accept their coupons if you pull them up on your cell phone as well.  They have an app on i-tunes that I have downloaded on my phone but I couldn't find it online, only found Joann for Ipad which doesn't really help you if you forget to clip your coupon. ;)

Hancock Fabric also has coupons online for you to print and take in the store.  Most you can use on online orders.  They are good about running their fabric 50%, they do not offer e-coupons for cell phones at this time.

Taking advantage of Joann Fabric's 50% off coupons Mr. Chic and I were able to save lots of moola when making our Pottery Barn knock of upholstered headboard.  See how we did it here.

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