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Day 6:  Paint New Stuff (if the price is right)

I remember when I discovered blogs a little over 2 years ago and I thought "what is the deal with everyone spray painting every thing?!"  At that point, I hadn't spray painted anything besides some rusty old patio furniture.  If I had something sitting around that was old and out of style I would just donate it.

Now I know better.

You can give something a completely new life with some paint.  If you've been reading blogs for awhile you probably already know this so you might be saying "duh, Kate... this is old news".

But, have you ever bought something new and painted it?

This is where you're thinking "Kate, why would I pay good money for something brand new if I have to paint it?  I don't have the time or money for that."  

Of course, and neither do I.  BUT, if I find something new that is cheap enough I don't have any qualms about painting it.

You've got to change your mindset when you're shopping.

I found a pair of brown lamps at a local furniture store.  They came with big white shades that looked horrible with the brown base.  They were $178 a piece.

gourd lamp

I think they actually look better in this picture than in real life.  Normally, I don't mind brown but these were a very ugly brown, which I lovingly refer to as "doo-doo brown".

I could barely appreciate the beautiful gourd style bases on these things through their doo-doo brown paint.  

Luckily I did see those pretty bases because they were on clearance for $10 bucks a piece.   

This is quite a deal for any lamp... especially when you compare them to these other pretty gourd lamps.

gourd lamp
Picture via Visual Comfort & Co.  

The above lamp by Visual Comfort & Co. is on sale for $314.90, originally $629.  

What a deal! (said in my most sarcastic voice ever)

Gourd Table Lamp
Image via West Elm

These pretty lamps from West Elm go for a more, ahem, reasonable price of $149.

I hit the doo-doo brown lamps with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen plus a natural colored linen-like shade from Wal-Mart that I already had.

annie sloan chalk paint French Linen

I think it's quite an improvement.  Although I might distress it a little to bring out the ridges.  Not sure yet.  At least doo-doo brown is gone for good!

This was definitely a situation where I felt it was OK to paint something brand new, the price was so low it was worth the extra effort.  If these would've been full price I wouldn't have even considered it.  

When you're out shopping and you come across a great deal that isn't quite right, consider if a little paint would go a long way in making it right and think twice before you pass it up.

Have you ever bought something new and painted it?


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