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Day 9:  The Dollar Store

I live near The Dollar Tree where everything is one dollar.  Hopefully you have something similar in your area so you can take advantage of some pretty good junk stuff for a measly dollar.

When you go in your dollar store don't be discouraged, you will see lots of crap items that don't even seem to be worth one dollar.  That's normal.   In general, about half of the stuff at the dollar store is pretty decent and you can even find some really good things for a buck.  The other half of the stuff is junk.

If you've been around blogland you've seen how people have turned really ugly stuff they've picked up at the dollar store into cool decorative items with a little spray paint and hot glue.

I have yet to make such a wonderful transformation.

However, one of my best finds at the dollar store did not need any tweaking.  I found these great black birds there 2 years ago and used them in my Halloween mantle you can see here.  They are just about as good as their Pottery Barn big brothers, they are a little smaller but who cares since they are about 96% cheaper.

halloween mantle

I also used them in my Halloween mantle this year.  I was too lazy wasn't ready to take my fall mantle down and switch to Halloween so I just added the black birds in for a little touch of spooky.  I also put in some light-up sticks.  (Is that what they're called?  Who knows??)  Anyway, it's not looking all that spooky, but whatever, I'm calling it my Halloween mantle and I like it. :)

Halloween mantle

This guy only has one eye but hey, whaddaya expect for a dollar?!  If you want a two-eyed fake black bird then go pay $30 bucks at Pottery Barn.  I just think it gives him a little character, he's like a pirate, maybe I should get him an eye patch... it might help kick the spookiness up a notch?

Halloween black bird

Now the bad news,  I haven't seen my spooky black birds at the dollar store this year.  But, I haven't been there for a few weeks when they were just starting to get in their Halloween stuff.  Maybe they got something cool if not the spooky black birds.

Even if they didn't get the birds back, you should still check out the dollar store, especially for holiday decor. There are usually lots of junky looking things that can be turned into beautiful things with a little creativity.  And, every once in a while you get lucky with something like these black birds that don't need any work.

Have you ever decorated your house with anything from the dollar store?

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