Hello, Hello!  Welcome back to 31 days of decorating on a shoestring budget.

Day 17:  Fake it

I like to say "faux it", it sounds much fancier.  So, how do you "faux it" in decorating? 

Well, there are lots of ways but today I'm going to talk about my most recent fake, er... faux.

For a long time I've had my eye on an antique or "primitive" wooden bread bowl.  I think they are such pretty and versatile centerpieces.


The problem is that these old and banged up beautifully rustic wooden bowls are super expensive!

I haven't found one I've liked for less than $125.  Booooooooo

This might seem to be a reasonable price to some being that it is an antique and all, but to me, not so much.

I know myself and I will get sick of it after a few years and stick it in a box in my basement.  But I dunno, maybe I wouldn't because I really like this.  But, I don't want to spend that kind of money on something like that.  So, I need to faux it.

Sometimes when you fake something you recreate it and build it yourself.  Unfortunately, I am not good at handcarving wood.  Big surprise there, right?

I decided that I really like the shape, the long and low profile makes it perfect for a dining table centerpiece (you can easily see over it) or to go on a long table, like my buffet.

Since I can't make one and I don't want to buy one right now I went on the lookout for something similar.

I found some totally cheapo and dorky looking fake wood bowls like this...

Product Image

Not exactly what I had in mind.

I looked around for quite some time until I finally found a handmade wooden tray type thing at a flea market for under $20 bucks.  Total score!

I love it!  

It doesn't really look like an antique bread bowl at all but it's the size and shape I was looking for and it does the job I wanted the bread bowl to do.

Right now I've got it on my dining room buffet filled with fake pumkins (fauxing it again!) They are all fake except the 2 little orange ones.  

Though not the antique bread bowl of my dreams, it'll do just fine faux sure.  (I couldn't help myself!)

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