Day 3:  Paint!  But this isn't going to be about what you think it's going to be about...

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give a room new life.   Since just about every decorating blog tells you to paint your walls for high impact at low cost, you might be thinking "duh, I already know that". The difference is, I'm going to tell you where to find cheap prices for paint.

If you are struggling to spend the money on a gallon of paint check your local paint stores for mis-tints.  They sell these at just about any place that mixes paint.  I have the best luck at a local family-owned paint store.  They always have a huge selection because they mix a ton of paint, that's all they do.  Places like Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, Wal-Mart all will have rejects too, just not usually as many as an actual paint store.

Most places sell their mis-tint paint dirt cheap.  Usually under $10.  The last one I bought was $5 for a full gallon that retailed for $37.... score!  It ended up not being quite right (we affectionately called it "baby-poo brown").  But hey, I was only out $5 bucks.  I then sold it in my garage sale for what I paid for it.  If you are ultra picky about paint color this may not be for you because obviously, you can't pick out the exact color.

If you don't want to buy a mis-tint, wait for a sale.  The big box stores seem to run their paint on sale randomly and especially around holidays. Sherwin Williams runs 30% off about once a month and 40% off every so often too.  Great quality paint and decently priced when on sale.

One of my favorite things about Sherwin Williams is their super big sample sizes that run $5.99 for 31 fl. oz.  Most sample sized are about a third the size and sometimes cost the same or maybe a dollar and some change less.  These samples can be tinted to any color and are part of the paint sales they often run which really makes them a great deal.
tissue paper wall treatment

I bought a sample of paint tinted to the color I wanted for my bathroom on sale for 40% off for $3.60.  It was more than enough to paint my small powder room pictured above.  For a larger bath I've used 2 samples and paid a whopping $7.20!  Dirt cheap prices for high quality paint in the color of your choice.  (by the way, Sherwin Williams is not paying me to write this).


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