Happy Thanksgiving, party animals!  I guess this will be the first official Christmas season post as this is the Black Friday Flaunt it Friday.  Yeah for Christmas! :)

But, before we start partying do you want to hear my very sad Thanksgiving story?

I knew you would.

We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  Yeah, it was that bad of a Thanksgiving.

We had to stay home for Thanksgiving because my whole family is sick.  Half of us have an awful cold and half of us have the stomach flu.  This is a great combination.  I'm sure we will all switch at some point although I am washing my hands to the point of bleeding to keep the stomach flu at bay.

Yesterday we realized we should stay home from our families big Thanksgiving celebration so that we wouldn't risk infecting our entire extended family.  Mr. Chic went to the grocery and planned on making a special meal for us so we could celebrate here (isn't he so sweet?!)  Unfortunately, Mr. Chic got hit with the "throwed-ups" (as my little one calls it), this afternoon.  :(

Ugh.  I'm thinking this our worst Thanksgiving ever.

BUT, I have so much to be thankful for and I'm not trying to have a pity party for myself. (maybe just a little teeny tiny bit, because Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year and I missed it... woe is me...)

But really, I got to spend the day with my family and I'm so thankful for them and that we are all healthy (except when we get annoying little bugs like we have right now, but we'll get better).  I know that things could be much worse.

My mom just called to tell me she's going to bring by some leftovers (thanks, mom!!) so I won't miss my favorite meal after all.  I'm going to sit on the couch (I'm eating in a "no food allowed room" Shhh, don't tell!!) and eat by myself while watching Million Dollar Decorators (the show I love to hate!) that I recorded the other night.  That actually doesn't sound all that bad.

Plus, I'm hosting a party.  Now that doesn't sound bad at all.

Happy Thanksgiving, Chicsters!!

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