Hi there!  After Germageddon we are finally getting back to normal around here although I am waaaay behind on my Christmas decorating.  I am getting stuff up slowly but surely...

My Christmas mantel is finally complete!

rustic christmas mantel

This year I wanted to mix up my Christmas mantel a little bit.  The past couple of years I've had somewhat of a candy cane-ish theme.  You can see my Candy Cane Christmas Mantel here..  Anyway, due to my decorating ADD I'm am totally over the candy cane-ish look.  (Big surprise.)  

I loved the rustic look I did on my kitchen console table last year.  DIY Network even featured it on their site!  

I decided I could pull off a rustic Christmas mantel on the cheap  using mostly stuff I already have.  

A few years ago I shared with you that my mantel garland is super scraggly. 

rustic christmas decor
scraggle garland (the one poinsettia is super classy)
Well, I attempted to replace it last year after Christmas when the Hob Lob takes 80% off and I got some really nice and realistic looking blue-spruce-ish greenery.  

It looks so real and beautiful... lying on my floor. 

I could not get this stuff to stay on my mantel!  It has a permanent metal bend in the center that makes it impossible to lie flat.  I tried to bend it back the other way, no luck.  I tried to flatten the bend, no luck.  I considered nailing it to the top of my mantel (I've have done this with other uncooperative decor before (shh, don't tell)) but even this wasn't going to work unless I nailed it in like 5 different places, that's a little much, even for a crazy mantel nailer like me.  My gloriously cheap, beautiful, realistic, blue-spruce-ish greenery was not happening on my mantel.  

What kind of loser greenery doesn't stay on a mantel?  How annoying. 

So that left me with going and buying some new stuff at before Christmas non-discounted prices (you guys know I'm way too cheap for that) or suffering through another year of the dreaded scraggle greenery. 

Scraggle it is.

“The scraggle”, which it will now be known as, had the nerve to have dead lights on it even though I put brand new lights on it last year.  It is SO going in the garbage after Christmas.

Anyway, I managed to dress up the mantel enough to hopefully take away attention from the scraggle… no one will ever notice, right?  Just don’t look real close…
rustic christmas decor

To take away attention from the scraggle I used an old wreath and made it look new by adding a few of these burlap-ish flowers I scored for half off at Hob Lob and adding some burlap ribbon through it.  

I busted out my old 90% off red candle holders that I bought with the intention of spray painting.  They are marvelously Christmas rustic looking so I’m so glad I didn’t.  The birch candles were 80% off from Hob Lob’s after Fall sale.  (they are definitely not just for Fall, score!)  I used some of the Christmas trees that I had and that was that.

rustic christmas decor wreath

I changed up the hearth of my fireplace this year too.  So many times people forget to decorate the fireplace hearth.  It's like dressing your top up with your best Christmas sweater but forgetting your pants.  Don't forget the pants bottom, people! ;)  

rustic christmas decor

I got this huge red lantern for $8 after Christmas last year!


It was 90% off and a super score deal in the game.  It is ginormous and I heart it.  I was planning to put it on my porch but then I couldn’t stand thinking that it would get rained/sleet/snowed/iced on and likely only last a few seasons.  And if it was by my front door I wouldn't get to see it much because I always come in the garage.  Bummer.  

I made an executive decision and saved it’s life by sticking it by my fireplace alongside another lantern that I keep there all year. 

Your welcome, Ginormous Red Lantern.

My friend made the awesome lantern stand that is now a permanent fixture on my fireplace hearth (it will never be pantless again!).   I dressed it up with a few faux greenery swags and a big burlap bow.  

I made the bow myself after following extremely confusing instructions and some cursing I found online.  I’m not sure if I like it, it is kind of like the post is wearing a big, fat, little girl hair bow looking thing.  I added some jingle bells to distract from the poor bow formation.

I changed it up by sticking a Santa in the lantern instead of a candle. Further distracting from the burlap hair bow.
rustic christmas decor

On the other side of the fireplace hearth I stuck some birch branches in my blanket basket but I didn’t have quite enough to fill it properly.  This is when I decided to take advantage of the new blue-spruce greenery and stick it in there with the birch branches, lights and all.  This is the shape it likes to be in, completely bent in the center.  It's happy now.

rustic Christmas decor

Guess what?

I love how it all turned out despite the scraggle.

The scraggle did not doom my Christmas mantel after all. 

Take that the scraggle!!! 

Kate: 1   Scraggle: 0

Stay tuned for more Christmas decor...

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