Hey, friends!  How's it going?  I've been a little bit of a slacky-slackerson blogger lately.  Not because I'm lacking stuff to blog about, I actually have too much!  I am working on all kinds of fun things for the blog.  The problem is that I've got too many projects and nothing is complete.

And, even though I've got plenty of projects, I just keep adding to my list.  I recently made one little change to my living room which is turning into a complete makeover!


I got a pair of these lovely French script chairs for Christmas.  Well, actually... I picked them out and bought them and said they were  my Christmas present.  Does that count?  They were a crazy good deal (of course or I wouldn't have got them!) but more on that later...
French script occasional chair at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating blog

These beauties suckered me into adding "living room makeover" to my already long list.  I'd been itching to do it anyway so these chairs were the perfect kick start.

So, besides the living room makeover here's what else I'm doing... because inquiring minds want to know.

This could also be called "Home Goals 2013" I guess.  It is still January after all...

To-do List aka: Home Goals 2013

Redecorate formal living room:
  • New pillows, curtains, accessories
  •  New furniture arrangement, selling some old & getting some new 

Redecorate formal dining room:
  • Painting dining room table and chairs with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  • Reupholstering chair seats
  • Painting curtains?
Makeover #1 son's bedroom "Industrial/Rustic Chic":
  • Paint
  • Build headboard
  • New furniture arrangement
  • DIY Decor
Makeover #2 son's nursery to big boy room "Rustic Chic":
  • Paint
  • Build Headboard
  • Paint dresser
  • New furniture arrangement
  • DIY Decor
Makeover Office/Mom Cave
  • I'm not sure if it can be called a makeover because it hasn't ever been "made" since we moved here almost 4 years ago... Sheesh!  

Master Bedroom:
  • Reading Corner chair & gallery wall
  • Paint Dresser with AS Chalk Paint

Family Room:
  • Board & Baton install
  • New artwork
  • Wall treatment (stencil, paint, not sure yet....)

My mind is always reeling with all of this fun decorating stuff and I love it.  I'm glad that I have friends like you that feel the same way.  Thanks for your patience with me as I get things done.  I'll have some big reveals soon!

Speaking of big reveals, did you see my beach themed master bathroom reveal?  Probably my favorite reveal to date!


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