Flaunt it Friday 142 Flaunt it Friday 142

Wow, March 1st!  Whoopee!!!  I don't know about you but as a Midwestern girl, March always signals the end of Winter for me.  This is pr...

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7:48 PM

Flaunt it Friday 141 Flaunt it Friday 141

Hey party people!  It is snowing up-in-here!  I guess it's outside but still.  My oldest is praying for a snow day.  No really, he asked...

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6:46 PM

Paint and B+ Curtains Paint and B+ Curtains

Hi there. Well, I should probably be totally fired as a blogger for slacking these past couple of weeks but hey, it happens.  I have tons of...

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8:53 AM

Flaunt it Friday 140! Flaunt it Friday 140!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  To be honest, I'm kinda glad this holiday is a few hours away from being over.  I was not really fe...

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7:00 PM

Flaunt it Friday 139! Flaunt it Friday 139!

Hey there!  What's shakin'?? Today I played musical curtains. I posted earlier on Facebook that I first put up and then removed my d...

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5:00 PM