Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  To be honest, I'm kinda glad this holiday is a few hours away from being over.  I was not really feeling my Valentine's decor this year, I didn't even blog about it.  Now that it's over I feel like I can break out some Spring decor and I couldn't be more ready.

I will probably try to hold off until March because it isn't looking or feeling like Spring around here but once March hits the weather can go either way, sunny and 60 or a blizzard!  That's the fun part about living in the Midwest, we know how to be crazy with our weather. ;)

So, now it's time to party.  Are you linking up Valentine's or are you so over it like I am... (but, don't let that stop you from linking up your good Valentine's Day stuff, I'm ok if you're not over it.)


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