Hello!  I'm Bonnie from The Pin Junkie and I'm so happy to be guest posting for Kate today!  I get my inspiration for projects, home decorating, crafts, and recipes at Pinterest and then share them on my blog.

Spring is officially here, and I'm so glad to see sings of it everywhere I look!  I'd like to show you how to decorate for spring with fresh flowers.  You don't need to spend a lot of money at a florist.  You just need a good selection of flowers and some imagination.

I like to get my flowers at Trader Joes's.  They have a great selection at cheapo prices.  I made all of these arrangements with only three bouquets of flowers which cost less than $20.00!  I also like to use a variety of objects, not just vases, to hold the flowers.

How about using a tea pot?

Milk bottles in a vintage milk crate are another unique way to display flowers.

Sometimes I don't mind using a vase when I can find a really pretty or unusual one.  I love shopping at thrift stores and I couldn't pass up this pretty little vase for 99 cents!

I love how elegant just one really pretty flower looks in it.

How about mixing tulips and daisies?  This arrangement is perfect for spring!

Even items that you don't think will work, might still make a good arrangement.  I really like this ceramic berry basket, but it's very wide, shallow, and won't hold water.  It doesn't seem like it would work well for arranging flowers does it?

I found a great way to fix that!  I used a clear glass bowl that fit inside the berry basket.  Then, I used tape to make a grid pattern across the top of the bowl.  The grid pattern will hold the flowers in place. 

Since the bowl is small and shallow, I cut the stems of the flowers short.  (Arranging them OCD style is optional!)

Poke the flower stems through the holes in the grid you made with the tape.

Keep adding more flowers until you have a nice full arrangement.

I hope this gives you some ideas for using inexpensive supermarket flowers to create a really beautiful flower arrangement.  Wouldn't these be great for Easter?

Happy Spring everyone!


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