Hi there! Let me first thank Kate for this wonderful opportunity!

I'm Danielle and I blog over at Sew Much Crafting. I'm a stay at home wife and lover of Christ! My sweetie and I have been married almost three years - and we love turning everyday life into an adventure... Why not!? I share crafts, organization and money saving tips, sewing projects, and pictures from our adventures over at Sew Much Crafting.

If you've been on Pinterest for long, you know washi tape is a big deal right now! I didn't quite get why until I got some, but now I'm as big a fan as the next girl! It's so fun and cheerful! I've even shared a few projects that incorporate washi tape, and I've devoted an entire board to washi projects!

I've got a simple and fun washi project for you today. All you need is paper and washi tape!

I've had a package of photo paper for years... It came with my printer when I got it for a high school graduation gift {six} years ago! I offered it to a friend and she suggested I use it for scrap paper.

I think I used one or two pieces after that.

Then it hit me - why not make it beautiful with washi tape?! I used the scrap photo paper for this project, but plain paper is great too! Cut it to whatever size you want and make it beautiful!

See - simple and fun way to make your lists beautiful!

Thanks again, Kate, for having me! And thank you to your fans for reading - I hope you'll grab a cup of coffee and head my way!

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