I'm so honored to be here guest hosting for Kate today.   I'm Anita from Cedar Hill Ranch where we do Texas Living with a French Accent.
Right now it's perfect porch weather in Texas, so I thought I might share some ideas for how you can set up your porch for outdoor living.  I know a lot of people set a rocker outside and call it done, but here in Texas we like to do things BIG.  My back porch is 600 sq. ft., which I know is on the large-ish side, still some of these ideas could be used on a smaller scale.   
The main piece of furniture on our back porch is an antique daybed.  We use it all of the time for visiting with friends, reading a book, enjoying the breeze, or taking a lazy nap. I made the bedding using  linen fabric and vintage grain sacks. 
The antique trunk works perfectly as a coffee table providing a mouse-free storage space, and just the right spot to put your feet.  
There's also a 7 ft antique pine kitchen table that we use for dinner.  This is one of my favorite places to serve dinner when we have guests. 
It's a great place to enjoy a meal in the evening, since it's shaded and usually has a gentle breeze, but the best part is the view as the sun sets in the west. 
A pine china cabinet full of dishes, means I don't have to go inside to grab plates for dinner.  
We added a non-working electric chandy that we converted so it could be used with candles, click here to see how I did it. 
On the other side of the porch we have what we call the breakfast nook, which is really just a small table that seats 4. 
During a recent party, the back porch was a favorite place for guests to hang out, click here to see more.  I made homemade bunting for the back porch for a festive feel. 
I love to cook out outdoors, so I often bring my electric skillet outside and do my cooking on this Ikea stainless steel table. 
A small pie safe acts as a side table next to the daybed and provides more storage.
I've so enjoyed sharing our back porch with you.  Now that we've met, come by any time.  
I've got a rocker here with your name on it. Well... not literally... that would be weird.  You can tour the rest of the ranch here
Kate, thanks so much for allowing me to share my back porch with your gracious readers.   


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