Flaunt it Friday 160! Flaunt it Friday 160!

Hey there!  What's shakin'?  It's garage sale weekend for me.  Around here we start on Thursday afternoon and run through Saturd...

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8:04 PM

Flaunt it Friday 159! Flaunt it Friday 159!

Hey friends!  Can you believe another week of glorious summer has passed us by?!?  I wish it would slow down already.  Sheesh! Let's par...

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9:18 PM

Flaunt it Friday 158! Flaunt it Friday 158!

Hi friends!  How is summer treating you??  We were doing super awesome until strep throat struck. What?! Strep throat in the middle of June?...

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5:30 PM

An Unbiased Keurig Review, why we returned our Keurig An Unbiased Keurig Review, why we returned our Keurig

Ooooh, this is one of those super exciting blog posts that leaves you wondering... why would she take back a coffeemaker as awesome as the K...

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10:12 AM

Flaunt it Friday 157! Flaunt it Friday 157!

Hey party animals!! I've decided to put my floating Pinterest button back on my blog pics.  The downside is that the Pinterest P shows u...

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5:37 PM

Grand Piano Living Room Grand Piano Living Room

Hey friends!  I am so excited to share this living room with you.  My client has a beautiful baby grand piano in her living room.  But that ...

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11:16 AM