Hi friends!  How is summer treating you??  We were doing super awesome until strep throat struck.


Strep throat in the middle of June?!?



It shot this whole week of glorious summertime right in the booty.

We all got it.  All 4 of us.

Obviously this was bad news but, it was better than all 4 of us getting a stomach bug at once.  That is it's own special kind of H,E,double hockey sticks.

We survived and are recovering but had to postpone our garage sale. This isn't that big of a deal except that they are calling for beautiful weather this weekend.  Hope it will be the same for our sale.  And, Mr. Chic doesn't get his garage back for 2 more weeks.  Sorry babe!

Anyway, last year our garage sale was very profitable, we earned $80 bucks an hour!  Check out my tips for a great yard sale.  It's a lot of work but definitely worth the time if you do it right.  I'm looking forward to another good sale this year.

I'm also looking forward to a fun party tonight.  Let's party! :)


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