Hey there!  What's shakin'?  It's garage sale weekend for me.  Around here we start on Thursday afternoon and run through Saturday.  Tonight Mr. Chic and I went out to eat to celebrate the fact that we made $170 PER HOUR this afternoon!!!  Granted, that doesn't take into account all of my late night preparations but still, I made my weekend goal in 3 hours and didn't move any big ticket items.  Mostly kids clothes and old decor.  I've still got 2 days of selling left so I'm super excited to see how the rest goes.  Thursday is always my best sales day and today didn't disappoint.

Last year we had a really great garage sale and I posted all of my best garage sale tips, Garage Sale 101, How to Have a Successful Garage Sale.  Check it out if you are having a yard or garage sale this summer or need the motivation to just do it.  And then, you can party with me!!!!


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