Hi there!

Back to school for my boy this week and we are pooped!  Not used to this getting up early stuff.  Just trying to get back into the swing of things this week, giving up summer is hard to do.  But something really cool happened this year for my boy at school and it made us both a little more excited to go back.  He got one of my favorite grade school teachers!  Isn't that fun?!  (No, she is not 100 years old because I'm not that old silly)  He is at a different grade school than I attended but in the same school district.  But, it's a big district with lots of teachers and elementary schools, what are the chances?!  It has been so fun to catch up with her after all these year, she is a sweet woman and a wonderful teacher and will be great for my boy.

I think that is a very good reason to party. :)


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