Hey peeps!  Since Christmas time seems to go by too quick I always put up our decorations a little early.  Usually the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Since Thanksgiving is so late this year I decided to start last weekend.  I am not done but I've got a good start.

One of my least favorite parts of Christmas decorating is putting lights on the trees.  Mr. Chic used to do this job but was busy with other projects (building a desk and shelving unit for our office, yippee!) so I had to do it myself.

To avoid this whole process we bought pre-lit trees.

What a joke that is!

This year our 9 foot tree (my "fancy" tree) had only 3 strands that worked.


We also got a new to us 7 foot tree to replace our old and scraggly "kids tree".  Only 1 strands worked on that sucker.


But it was free so I can't really complain.

Anyway, both were out of "warranty" but a one year warranty is pretty useless since they usually only work for one season anyway.  They might as well just give you a one month warranty.

With all of the advancements and technology these days you'd think they could make some Christmas lights that will work for more than one season.  That would be a Christmas miracle. ;)

Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?  Did your pre-lit tree come back to life this year??  


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