Hey there!  How's it goin'?  Can you believe it's April already!?  We've had such a cold spring that it's hard to believe it.  I have a lot of projects around my house that I can't wait to share with you but the weather has just been too crummy to take pictures, ugh.  But, that means it's the perfect time to share a client's home that I photographed on a sunny day.  And, this is absolutely one of my favorite jobs...

white kitchen remodel subway tile

So when this client called me and told me her address I thought, man.... that is familiar.  When I pulled up to the house I realized it was a boy I dated in high schools old house.  I had sped over to this house many a times in my cool Z-24 wearing an over-sized flannel shirt, baggy jeans, and some Doc Martins listening to Pearl Jam on my discman which had this attachment I could plug into my tape deck.  (oh man I was soooo cool)  This was when the house was new, back in the 90's.  My town is not small, about 120,000 people so this was a really random coincidence.

After I stopped having high school flashbacks I realized, whoa, it had changed a lot since I'd been there.  I remember that all the walls were painted cream and all the woodwork and cabinetry were oak back in the day... so totally 90's.

It had since been painted and wallpapered.  My client was over it.   They  remodeled their downstairs to make better use of the space and modernize their decor.  The floor plan went from this:

To this:

Please excuse my very sad graphics but hopefully you get the idea.

They had a formal living room that they never used and a dining room that they rarely used.  Like most of us, the kitchen is the heart of their home.  They just about doubled the space of their kitchen by knocking down the wall to the dining room and opening up the space.  Pure genius.

Here is a better shot of the kitchen before.
You can see on the left behind the fridge that their pantry door is open but behind it is the entry to the dining room where you can sort of see the 90's wallpaper.  Here it is...

By knocking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen they were able to add a huge island and decided to attach their kitchen table to it.

white kitchen remodel subway tile

I love these cool pendants, they were perfect for the space since the ceilings aren't very high.  The island is topped with black granite, a nice change from the rest of the counters.  And, everyone should have a wine fridge don't ya think?
white kitchen remodel farmhouse apron sink subway tile

I absolutely love this farmhouse apron sink.  

The newly placed windows over the newly placed sink really let the light in.  It was hard to photograph because it was so bright, hopefully you'll get the idea.  Check out all the cabinets...

white kitchen remodel farmhouse apron sink subway tile

I love me some white cabinets with subway tile.  The granite has green undertones and the walls are painted a very pale shade of green.  
white kitchen remodel  subway tile

Love pretty apothecary jars in a kitchen.
white kitchen remodel  subway tile

The coolest part of this job was that I became friends with the client.  I also helped her makeover her living room that is open to the kitchen.  Although we didn't knock down any walls it is a huge makeover.

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