Hello there, lovelies.

Look what I got for free!

chandelier before, chic on a shoestring decorating blog

Pretty cool, right?!

I love the style, it has pretty crystals that attach and hang from the chandelier for a little bling-bling.

But the color.... umm, it is not so good.

Especially that shade, the picture is actually making it look better than it looks in real life.

The shade is sort of a shimmery baby poop colored brownish gold.

It just ain't workin' for me.

Or my house. :(

I've looked for a replacement shade and can not find one this large, it's about 24" across. Plus, the shade frame is welded to the chandelier and not removable but I can't find one anyway so who cares.

I know I can recover the shade with new fabric but since I've never done this before I'm a little worried that it won't turn out well and will look sloppy.

Do you guys think I can paint this fabric with fabric paint?  It is a see-through, shimmery, satin-type fabric.

Do any of you have any experience painting this type of fabric?  I'm scared I'm going to ruin the whole thing.
I would appreciate any advice, friends.  Thanks in advance! :)


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