Hi friends, how are you?

I am sick.

Sick as a dog.

I've got a summer cold.

Like sticking kleenex up my nose to keep it from running into my mouth (GROSS) kind of cold.

How lame is a summer cold???

Ummm, SUPER lame.

My boys gave it to me.

Thanks, kiddos.

To celebrate having lame summer colds we started school this week.  A whole week earlier than usual.  (Also SUPER lame.)

My oldest missed the first day of school thanks to this lovely summer cold.  My kindergartner made it to the first day and got sick that night, he's been out the rest of this week.

I got hit with it yesterday.

This week has been a total bust.

Let's party to celebrate it being over.

Stay healthy my friends, there is a nasty summer cold lurking out there right now waiting to bust your week and ruin any chances of getting a perfect attendance award. ;)

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