Hey friends!

Oh man, it suddenly got chilly here... it feels like Fall!

That's awesome because it's my favorite season BUT, I was unprepared.

I sent my kids to school in shorts.

None of my boy's pants fit him.  They are what I like to call "high water pants".  It looks like he is waiting for a flood in those things.  He didn't wear them.

It only got up to 57 degrees and cloudy (cloudy means feels colder than 57).


The weather said 66 and sunny!? (sunny means feels warmer than 66)

Darn you weather app, you lied to me yet again!

Fall also brings the joyous time known as hay fever season.  I've been keeping the allergies at bay with this stuff...

Spark Naturals LLP Allergy Blend, it's the item of the week.  Rub it on your feet (I know, so weird) diffuse it in your house, it helps!  It's on sale this week, less than $8, cheaper than all those allergy pills that don't really work for me and have side effects.  Use code CHIC to get an additional 10% off your entire purchase. Give it a try, it really helps!

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