Robot-like table lamp COG is a unique lighting fixture designed by Otto Polefko looks like a toy and make a beautiful home decoration for kids room, teenage bedroom or home office. White color is perfect choice to match any interior decorating color palette.

The unique lighting shape adds a futuristic flavor to this table lamp, blending the familiar kids toys theme with robotic aesthetic and innovative design idea, and creating nostalgic and playful mood in the room.

Designed by Otto Polefko from Hungary, COG table lamp can instantly transform the way kids room, teenage bedroom or home office look and feel, adding an attractive home decoration in industrial, but soft and playful style.

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Robot-like table lamp design

unique table lamp in white colorRobot-like table lamp in white color for kids room, teenage bedroom or home office decorating

The quirky lighting design was inspired by the designer’s hometown of Miskolc, Hungary, which used to be an industrial center in the 1980s.

The table lamp is very elegant and practical, a great item for bringing more fun and joy into modern homes and spicing up functional room decorating.

modern lighting design ideaRobot-like table lamp in white color, modern lighting design idea

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