Hey friends!

Do you guys have your Halloween stuff out yet?  Ummm, it is only about 3 weeks away and I've got out nothing!  I mean, I've got Fall stuff and pumpkins out the wazoo but none of my fun Halloween stuff.  And now, since it's getting so close I'm feeling kinda lazy like, well... should I even bother because by the time I get it out it's going to be even closer and then I'll just have to take it down in only about 2 weeks and my Fall pumpkin stuff can just stay up right on through Thanksgiving.

I am being such a lazy decorator!

I'm going to have to start digging it out.  Pronto.



BTW, did you see my DIY outdoor farmhouse table decked out for Fall?  Before we party you should check it out.

DIY Farmhouse table Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Ok, now we party.

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