Knitted lamp shades for contemporary floor lamps and ceiling lights, designed by Kenneth Cobonpu reflect one of the latest trends in modern interior design and decorating, offering impressive lighting fixtures and home accessories made of knit fabrics.

Contemporary floor lamps and ceiling lights with knitted lamp shades by Kenneth Cobonpue are available from Hive, Knottee lighting fixtures feature modern lighting design, unique texture  and form.

Simple and elegant large loops and crossed needles give stylish, artistic and slightly Nordic feel to modern lighting fixtures. Loosely knitted lamp shades and minimal base look gorgeous with light blue and deep blue colors.

Contemporary lamps made of felt and knitted fabric, unique lighting design

Pendant lighting Granny with knitted lap shades, modern lighting design

Knitted lamp shades for modern interior design

modern lighting fixturesModern lighting fixtures, ceiling light with knitted lamp shade

Soothing blue colors will work well for modern interior design in any style, creating relaxing and attractive room decor.

Contemporary floor lamps and ceiling lights with loosely knitted lamp shades are perfect items to enhance lighting design and a stylish way to bring exciting texture into modern interior design.

unique lighting fixtures for modern interior designContemporary floor lamp with knitted lamp shade in blue colors

Contemporary floor lamps and ceiling lights with crochet lamp shades, unique lighting fixtures

Contemporary floor lamps with knitted lamp shades, unique lighting design ideas

Made of soft cords, these lamp shades are decorated with large needles, creating beautiful and unique lighting fixtures fr modern interior design ad decorating.


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