LED retrofit lamps of the future is a new light bulb design from German engineers that presents the next generation of light and offers tried and tested shapes, an attractive look and the cutting edge LED technology for modern eco homes.

Bulled light bulbs come in various designs: classic, modular and star, which can replace any existing standard bulbs and create perfect lighting. German engineers from LED LEDO Technologie, http://www.ledo-led.com/ created eco friendly design of Bulled light bulbs, keeping the shape and luminosity of a 60 Watt incandescent light bulb, but at an energy use of only 11 watts.

LED retrofit lamps create warm light just like a standard incandescent light bulbs, saving the energy and the environments with an innovative green technology.

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New energy saving LED light bulb design

led light bulbsEnergy saving LED light bulbs from LED LEDO Technologie, eco friendly products and green technology for modern homes

Diodes are forever, and the engineers guarantee an 80-year lifespan at average use of new light bulbs, creating eco friendly product that is timeless and decorative.

A careful choice of extremely robust materials and thoughtful design allow conservation without compromising the comfort, functionality and convenience. Using only 15 % of energy, dimmable new lamps add a stylish contemporary design to modern homes, protecting the environment and supporting green living concepts.

innovative design ideas in lightingInnovative design ideas and green technology, 85% energy saving light bulbs

New lamps show  the brilliant color rendering performance and instant brightness, while beautifully decorating modern home interiors. Innovative lamp design preserves the good qualities of the conventional incandescent light bulbs, – its round shape, light dispersion and unrivalled light quality.

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Energy efficient, light weight and innovative, enhance by the green technology and unique design, the Bulled lamps are high quality product for eco friendly houses, hotels, schools, libraries and restaurants.


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