Hi there, friends!

Wow!! Can you believe this is the last Friday before Christmas already?! I can't believe it!

I have been trying to post my Christmas decor for about 2 weeks but my computer is on the fritz. It crashes every time I try to use a photo editing program. It is NOT cool! I think a new computer is in my future. Is a mac worth the big bucks?? I am so tempted because I think it will last more than one year.

In recent years I've been buying cheap "throw-away" laptops. They last about one year and then they blow up. Do any of you have any recommendations on a decent Windows laptop that is not $1000? All I need to do is run the internet and a Photoshop type program at the same time. Seems to be too much for my throw-away computer. :(

Let's party! :)

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